Monday, August 31, 2009

Just two months early...

Yes, we got the memo that today was August 31st, not October 31st. We rode our bikes around the neighborhood and Chris thought he was the coolest kid in town in his spiderman costume from last year. He was sure to stop and show the lifeguards and he thought it was great when the older kids playing basketball yelled, "Hey Spidey, you're my favorite." It made his night... Now I'm just hoping he doesn't want to make wearing his costume a nightly tradition!

I tried to get a picture, but I couldn't figure out how to do it safely since the bike doesn't have a kickstand... My dad found a bike that was like new out with someone's trash... He's quite the dumpster diver from all those nights delivering papers:) It actually had one of those old-school carseat seats on the back of it-perfect for Ms. Addie. I gladly took it, and we've been having soooo much fun crusing around the neighborhood at night! Chris has been able to ride a bike without training wheels since he was three!... so he rides fast enough to keep up with me... we're able to make it to parks in a flash:)