Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Return to Springfield

On Sunday night, Brendan decided to take the family to his old stomping grounds... We went to Springfield to watch his old American Legion team play baseball. I was not too excited about this adventure, but it ended up being a great night... for the most part. We packed a picnic dinner, took the kids to a park (of course- we can't have a night without a park:)), went to the baseball game, and then finished the night off by returning to Dryburgh Court and seeing some of Brendan's old neighbors. It was great to see them~ Brendan lived on a court that was like family, and it was nice to catch up! Chris was super excited about the baseball game- and Brendan's old coaches were glad to see him and catch up... They also let Chris jump in the batting cage and hit! Sometimes I think it would be easy for Brendan and I to be the type of parents to "push" sports on our kids since we were both so athletic... but just when I'm afraid we're doing it, Chris makes it easy on me:) I said, "Chris, do you like baseball?" And then, he said, "No, Mommy. I love it fo-fo-fo MUCH!" Addie was also quite the cheerleader at the game. When it started, she stood up and shouted at the top of her lungs clear as day, "GO HOKIES." Good girl:)... But then, she had a few accidents...

I let her run around the track with me... and she somehow found a huge pile of fresh manure... not just any manure- the worst smelling crap you have ever smelled- talk about foul! Of course her foot went right into it... YUCK!

And then, the poor girl fell while playing on the bleachers:( She cut her leg and I felt horrible for letting her get hurt:(.. I thought we were really going to have to watch it for infection, but luckily, neosporin healed it within a day!