Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Double Trouble...

So, last night, we had big plans to do the Ida Lee water park... until a HUGE storm blew through. I felt bad for the kids, so I tried to let them have fun, and I let them "paint" each other with water color paint. It was a great idea until this morning I left them alone for three minutes, and when I came back into the kitchen I almost called 911 because I thought Addie was dying. Thank God all the red stuff all over her wasn't blood... it was just paint... Yes, I didn't make myself clear that painting each other was a one time thing. Oops. Chris and Addie are so funny... after they got cleaned up, they were watching morning cartoons on the couch together. I looked over and almost yelled at Chris for squishing Addie... Then I hear, "Now, it's your turn to snuggle me, Addie." They kept taking turns squishing each other but to them, they were "snuggling" each other. Addie is going to be one tough cookie:) Today was an eventful day... Not only did we have a morning playdate here at our house, then we went to Nona's house where Jack and Mage were for the day, and invited our friends Rosie, D.J., and Mya over. Then, since that wasn't enough, I took Chris to Steve Boyd's pool- where he learned to dive- GO CHRIS! Chris has been obsessed with "Steve Boyd" lately. He thinks he's the coolest person ever... the other day, we were laying in bed for his nap, and out of the blue, he said, "Mommy, does Steve Boyd have a racecar?" You know, because he pretty much has every other toy a man can have:)

The kids have been cracking me up as usual... Here are a few stories:)

Addie and I were walking to my minivan from the park. Addie saw our car and said, "Addie's car." I said, "Addie, is that Addie's car, or Mommy's car?" She then said, "Daddy's car, he makes money." Well, then!

The kids and I were watching "So you think you can dance tonight" and Chris thought one of the girls was really pretty. He said, "That girl's pretty. Mommy, if Averey likes pretty girls, then I like pretty girls. If Dean Alex likes pretty girls, then I like pretty girls." And then he proceeded to name off most of our family. I guess he will like pretty girls:)

Tonight, I was just too tired to tell stories to the kids. Chris is going through a phase where he likes me to tell stories about when I was a little girl. I made Chris and Addie tell me stories tonight. Chris started... "When I was a little boy." Then it was Addie's turn... she started, "When I was a little boy." Then it was so cute- she stopped and looked at me funny, and said "girl." Too smart!

After stories, we were saying our prayers. I said, "And God bless Mommy, Daddy, Chris, and Addie, and ALL the people we love and care about." Chris then said a few more people, animals, things, etc... and then said, "And God bless my Big Daddy." I was like, "What?, Is there something I should know about?" And then he said, "My Big Daddy, my God in heavan." It doesn't get much better than that... Now I need to make a point of getting our family to church!