Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Double Names

Many of you know that I'm somewhat obsessive with some "southern" things. I like to blame my best friend, Ashley... I LOVE anything and everything monogrammed, smocked clothing, big southern bows in Addie's hair... the list goes on. A couple weeks ago, we were riding in the car and I was talking with the kids about having another baby- NO I am NOT pregnant... but we do plan on having a third... sometimes sooner, sometimes later:) I was asking the kids what they thought about a baby with two names. We often call Addison "Addie Tay"... but I really love traditional double names... I was throwing names out there for the kids... Emma Kate, John Ryan, and then Chris yelled, "I've got it!!! I know what we can name the baby!" I couldn't wait to hear it... and then he proudly announced, "We should name our baby Peter Parker. Peter Parker McCullers." Oh, I love that boy