Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Paris Air Show... Royal Treatment!

The main reason we got to go to Paris is because Brendan was "working." HA! He flew some people to Paris for the Paris Air Show. We actually got to visit the air show before it was open to the public and we were treated amazingly! You would have thought that we were celebrities or something. We were driven right to the Northrup Grumman "chalet" which was right by the runway. We went inside and were given a special pass where we could get in "special corrals", we were completely catered to, and we were surrounded by all of these other people that had their own security teams- aka the people Brendan flies all the time:) I could soooo get used to that life... but, I don't see it happening anytime in this lifetime. I do want to thank Northrup Grumman though for being one of the best employers ever... truly- Brendan is so blessed.

Do you see this helicopter... it was right in front of us... upside down!

Yes, that's the huge Airbus- flying straight at me- It took off about 100 yards from our table!

We were one table from the runway.

An unmanned military airplane!

Speical access... in the cockpits:)