Friday, June 19, 2009

Back to reality:)

So, it's a little after 10:00am and Addie Tay is still asleep... do ya think she was tired out when mommy was gone:)? Chris was watching cartoons while I came in to check my e-mail and I went back to my room to read him a book and snuggle. I looked at the t.v., and he says, "Look, I'm watching Bolt." I look at the t.v. and it says "play." So I asked him how he got Bolt to play. He took the remote, and said, "I just took the remote, pushed on demand, picked out my movie, and played it." So, $4 later, now I know that Brendan and I can order movies on our upstairs t.v., too. I can't leave that boy alone for a second! I'm about to upload about 300 pictures from Paris... and I can't wait to share about my trip... can we just say FABULOUS!!!?