Saturday, May 2, 2009

Picasso Paul

You rock, Paul:) Paul is one of Brendan's cousins from New Jersey... and let me just say, he's one of the most thoughtful young men I've ever met in my life! He has always had a "special" bond with Chris, and Addie loves him, too:) Brendan and I both think the world of Paul and he's such an inspiration to us. This week, the kids were surprised by a package...
Paul painted this firetruck for Chris. Paul is a firefighter, and as you can see, one great artist. Chris has always been in love with firemen, firetrucks, you name it, he loves it. He was soooo happy to get this firetruck- especially since it was from Paul!

Here is Paul and Chris when Chris was about seven months old- he even loved firetrucks then!

Paul also thought of Addie and sent her a Bunny that sings and dances- she can't get enough of it:)