Saturday, May 2, 2009

Apple Blossom '09

On Friday night, we ventured out to Winchester for the Apple Blossom Parade. Chris and I have done this every year with Brad and Jenny, so we couldn't let our tradition die... It's one of my favorite nights of the year! This is the first time Brendan has been able to join us. We thought we were going to sit in the rain and in nasty weather, but the weather ended up being bee-you-tif-ful!!! If you've never been to Apple Blossom, I highly suggest it... it's one of those "feel good" events...

Part of the gang... We are also joined by Jenny's family- they have the "in" and get us great seats!

My sweet Christopher:) Oh how I love this child!

Addie... On top of all the firetrucks were the winners of local beauty pagents. Addison was so excited because she thought they were all princesses- and they all made a big deal over her:)

Averey Lee... I still can't believe he is in high school. He is such a sweet boy and always takes time out to spend with my kids. This year, I even talked Tracey into letting him skip school on Friday. Not to worry- he gets straight A's, plays sports year round, and has the best head on his shoulders. He's running for FBLA President (as a Freshman) next week, so PLEASE e-mail me with any and all speech ideas!

We were out really late- nothing like a 3 1/2 hour parade... and the night ended so sweet. We dropped Averey off- and Chris said, "I sure do love him. That's why he does sooo many things with me."