Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We did it:) I got to take my kids to Rehoboth Beach... We walked the boardwalk and saw the old places my family used to rent, we saw the spot where Eric and Dean sang Mick Jagger songs and tried to collect money, we saw our "beach wiffleball" spot, and I spent the day telling Brendan and the kids stories of us at the beach over the years. My mom told a few, and they all seemed to start with, "When we lost..." Apparently, at one point or another all of us were "lost" at the beach. She also told Brendan the story about how Pappy lectured the adults with rules, and one was, "No strangers in pool." Oops... Ashley and I thought we were doing good sneaking those boys in:)

The boardwalk has hardly changed- except there is now a wall of sand and grass right up against it to help with erosion. We went to funland and the rides were so much fun~ and the best part was it was super cheap! We spent $20 and rode every ride multiple times. Fun, fun:)

We also ate at Grotto's Pizza. This used to be the BEST pizza ever. Our family has been known to drive to Delewhere to get a pie! I will say, I was a bit disappointed- the place was dirty, the waitress was not friendly, and the pizza wasn't as good as I remembered. I still raved about it though... Brendan says I'll always think that it's the best pizza on the face of the earth because of the memories I have associated with it. I think he's right:)