Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jenna Benna's Graduation:)

Most of you know that my youngest brother, Eric, dates Jenna... Over the years, she has become part of our family and we all think the world of her. The whole family ventured down to JMU for her graduation ceremony and party. We were nervous about how the kids were going to do, but they were so good. The ceremony wasn't too long, and the party was outside, so the kids were able to run wild:)

Jenna made us feel so special- She even gave me a Mother's Day card on her graduation- she's always the most thoughtful person. I felt like a local celebrity. We were walking to Jenna's apartment- and before we even got there, the neighbors stopped us and were so excited to meet Chris and Addison:) They knew all about them:)

And, of course, our family had to represent at a college keg celbration:) I don't know which was funnier... when Brendan was at the keg getting a beer and a JMU grad struck up conversation by saying, "So, whose Dad are you?" Ha! Or, when Todd decided he could hang with the college kids and entered the beer pong tournament with Eric. I think this picture was just after he yelled out, "What do you think about that, BITCH." Let's just say, he can't hang like he used to... Sara was a good sport though and took care of him as he yakked all the way home.
On the way home, Chris entertained us as usual. He had all kinds of questions about college life...
Chris~ "Hey Daddy, do we have to go to bed when we get home?"
Brendan~ "Yeah, but we can play outside for a little bit first."
Chris~ "Yay. Hey Dad, I know what game we can play... Do we have any ping pong balls?"
I about died laughing:)