Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Skinny Bitch

Let's just say everything that Joanie ever cooks is amazing... but this year I wasn't able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner as much as usual. Ya see, I've always looked up to and admired my cousin Adrea~ she's the sweetest person ever, and despite having a kid, she is totally drop-dead gorgeous... Makes me nuts! Anyways... she once told me that I should read the book Skinny Bitch. When I was away with the girls this month, I had big plans of reading it on the beach... but we all know the hurricane derailed those plans! I finally got to read it at the lake... I won't go into details... but I am now a vegetarian. Although, I think that this plan may backfire on my weight loss~ take away my meat, chicken, etc... and I have a diet of bread and pasta... and things like this:...

Since I couldn't indulge in the stuffing (beacause it had sausage) I made up for it with pie:) So much for losing weight by reading this book.

BUT... speaking of losing weight- I am about to start a journey that I'm sure will have some of you laughing your a$$es off... let's just hope it helps me get rid of mine... I'll fill you in more on what I'm talking about later this week... but for now, I'll give you a couple of hints... It involves blogging, L.A. boxing, and my weight... and it should be very interesting!