Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cabin Fever

It's been a long weekend, but it's actually been kind of enjoyable. I've learned that we can just lay low and have fun.:)

Of course, I had to keep us busy for my own sanity. After playing in the snow for a few hours, we decided to make some cookies. I had my fair share of raw cookie dough, but lucky for me after seeing the kids have their hands all over the dough, I couldn't eat them.:)

We colored and did plenty of crafts... Here they are filling Santa's beard in with cotton balls.:)

We also became raga-muffin couch potatoes! We spent the majority of the weekend unshowerd and as bums. It was fun. We built tents, read stories, and watched tons of television. Chris had to watch his Cowboys play last night. Addie wanted to watch it with him so I told Chris to teach her how to watch football. He made her sit by him, and then said, "Addie, it's like this. Ya just sit back and RELAX." Ha!

Addie had to wear Chris's pajamas. Here she is in his skull boxers and pajama shirt. This is after she changed out of the jedi pajamas. So lovely, Add.:)

We eventually got showered and fixed up. This girl cracks me up. This weekend she started potty training herself. She goes to the bathroom and screams, "I NEED MY PRIIIIIVACY!" Then she goes all by herself without help. She's turning into little Miss Independent.

Tonight, Todd, Sarah, the boys, Nona and Papa came over to have pizza- Thanks Nona and Papa. The kids had so much fun together... and we tried to quickly snap a Christmas card picture for my parents.

I don't know why, but something tells me that these are under consideration!