Monday, December 14, 2009

The Good 'Ole Ruritan Club

I wrote last year how it's an annual thing that we go to the Ruritan Christmas dinner because my Pappy is an Honorary Member... and this year was no different. I love my family sooooo much and I'm so happy when we're all together.

Nona and Addie- don't they look alike?

Jack and Addie

Pretty girl

Brother and Sister

My Chrissy

Oh Nanny- I don't think you'll ever stop and I hope to be just like you one day!

Averey... anything for a free movie ticket:)

The foursome... trying to get a Christmas card picture... but this didn't make the cut:(

Hopefully what the future holds... I had J.D. and Bak-Bak take this and I was joking it was a cute family portrait- meaning like them and their kids... but now that I look at it- It kind of looks like I have four kids!