Friday, December 18, 2009

Big boy in a little class...

I know Chris is a big kid... but man! Who is that third grader in that preschool class!!!

It's my sweet, sweet Christopher...

Chris had his Christmas... or should I say holiday program this week at school. He did so well and was so cute. After the first song, Addie yelled out, "Hi Chrissy!" Then Chris yelled back, "Hi Addie," and blew a kiss. It disrupted the program, but everyone, including me was like, "Awwwww!"

At dinner, Chris looked at Brendan and I and said the funniest thing ever... We were talking about his music teacher who he has had the biggest crush on for two years,
Chris- Don't laugh at me. I know I'm only five years old and I'm just a kid, but I love her.
Mommy- Oh really, why do you love her?
Chris- Because... She's pretty and she talks to me a lot.
Mommy~ Oh... so, what does she talk to you about, what does she say?
Chris- She looks at me and says, "Hey Christopher, stop talking to Herbie." HA!!!