Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The first of many...

While we were at the lake, we took advantage of some local activities... We drove around and saw Christmas lights, and we saw the arrival of Santa at the Marina!!! I'm sure my children will sit on Ho-Ho's lap a million times in the next month~ and I will be snapping pictures every time. It's so cute how much excitement they have about the holiday.

We waited outside at the Marina... and Santa arrived by boat!

The kids got to sit on his lap and talk to him. Chris wants the Wii... and Addie wants a baby doll:)

Chris is so funny- he gets really nervous around Santa... It's so cute... and this year he's noticed that all of the Santa's aren't actually the same guy. This Santa had a pony tail... so we explained that some Santas are his helpers and report back to him what the kids want and how they act:) It's working for now:)