Monday, November 29, 2010

School Projects

Both of the kids continue to LOVE school. They had the whole week of Thanksgiving off due to holidays and both of them were asking when they could go back! It's so cute to see their school projects.

Addie brought home this turkey feather. The kids never pay the fish any attention- but of course the fish made her "thankful" list. It cracks me up because this is just like what Chris used to always put- everything was about the fish!

Chris did this all by himself- how sweet- He's thankful for God. I asked about the picture and I'm pretty sure he was trying to draw Jesus because he said, you know how they had long hair. It kind of looked like a dog to me. And then our house... we have a covered front porch and it has a railing at the top. Chris described how he drew that part of the house- and he said, "You know mom- It's the jail cell above our front door." LOL. Oh- and I was a little confused about the red house. Duh mom, bricks!

And lastly- this picture just warms my heart. He pointed to the stick figure in the middle and said, "I'm thankful for the army men like Mr. Shetler who fight for our country." He described the guy as saluting to the flag/star. How sweet is that? Our friend Mike is serving our country overseas for a year- and Chris must really think about him.:)