Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Christopher:)

On Saturday, after Addie's last soccer game, we hurried over to Majest Martial Arts for Chris's 6th birthday bash... We had already celebrated it by going to his school book fair and to Fuddrucker's with Nona, Papa, Jack, and Mage on his actual birthday-but once again I forgot the camera for that trip!

We had 18 of our closest friends take part in a karate birthday party. I may be a little biased, but it was the BEST birthday party I have ever had or been to. The instructors kept the kids entertained the entire time- and the parents loved it too! The kids kicked, punched, broke boards, watched the instructors do flips and tricks, took a limo ride, and enjoyed pizza and cake. They even pulled out a sword and Chris looked scared to death... He got to cut the cake in half with the huge sword- That moment was priceless. Chris now wants to take karate, and after seeing how great this place was, we think we're going to sign him up...

Oh... and if you ask Todd, he'll tell you that the party was quite impressive. It was the "2400 dollar birthday party" for he and Sarah. Look at the two newest karate kids!:)