Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Fun

Last week, Addie and I joined Chris on his fall school field trip. Chris was so cute... and Addie was adorable posing for pictures. Unfortunately, when I was at the pumpkin patch, when I went to look at the pictures I "thought" I had taken, my camera read "no card." Ugh... I forgot to put my memory card back in after downloading pictures! So sad.:(

I wish I had it on camera- literally because Chris was so sweet and tender with Addie. He held her hand and talked to her quietly in a baby voice like he was her mommy or something. He looked out for her and he was so calm. It had me thinking- Who is this child and what have they done with my son!?! He was so cute... and I just can't believe how much he's growing up!

After the field trip, we couldn't let free pancake day pass us at IHOP... so we ventured out for free scary face pancakes.:)