Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun In Da 'Hood

I've been horrible about taking pictures lately- and without pictures, I'm bad at blogging... I apologize! Things have been extremely busy these past few weeks. Both kids are in swimming- Chris has Snow swimming on Mon/Wed evenings and Addie is taking lessons on Tues/Thursday evenings. I'm learning more and more every day that my life is actually getting way easier- but WAY busier at the same time! On a few afternoons and weekends, we LOVE playing with our neighborhood friends. They actually built trails in our hood and the kids have loved playing on them- They also like to sneak back to the contruction hills and "climb" the mountain... Shhhh.:) The sunsets are sooo pretty from the back of our house in the evenings- I just wish the sun didn't set so early- I hate daylight savings time- We have way too much fun outside!

Oh- and look at Chris- doesn't he look so much older and mature. Where has my baby gone? He's had yet another growth spurt and has really started to thin out. Yesterday, he was racing Addie and it was like something out of a movie- his pants fell straight to the ground and he fell! I actually need to go buy a belt! Oh- and his front tooth is getting loose!

My sweet Addie Tay things she's way older than she is. She hangs out with third graders and they love her. She is just "with it." Although she is making mommy said- she has begun taking her bow out when she sees her friends don't have one in.:(