Saturday, November 13, 2010

May The Force Be With You...

I never thought I'd give in, but I did... and I love it! Chris wanted to re-do his room as a Star Wars room for his birthday... With the help of Gram and Pop Pop, we were able to get new bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. Brendan and I bought a framed movie poster from the art gallery, and we pulled toys and things from his collection to finish out the room. When Chris was at school on his birthday, Papa came over to hang shelves and move furniture. When Chris came home, we totally surprised him with the room makeover... and he LOVED it!

Here is a picture he drew at school- The sentance said, I can___________ and Chris filled in "lightsabre fight with my Daddy."... Or at least his version of that- It's sooo cute.

And here is his shelf of legos. He's obessed with Star Wars legos and he's actually o.k. with putting them together and not playing with them... He loves playing with the little people, but he likes to keep them on display. He was actually able to do some of them on his own... And thank you Aunt Paula for his birthday surprise... it's somewhere on this shelf already!:)