Monday, October 4, 2010

Ya-Ya Time!

Sara was so nice to host us and Jen's family for a full dinner- and she has a newborn!!! She officially had three of the Ya'Ya's, the hubbys, and seven kids five and under for dinner! Chaotic? You would think so... but for some reason we were all lucky and the kid's were on their BEST behavior. We're not sure if it's because they aren't around each other much or what, but they all sat quietly and ate their dinner. And they all got along and played great... but how can you not when you have a trampoline to jump on, firetruck to pretend in, and playset to climb on!:) I'm so thankful for such great girlfriends!:) And it looks like the kids are following in our footsteps and on their way to being besties in the future.:) Hmmm... that might be scarey.:)

Cousins, I say, cousins!:)