Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just another day...

We continue to hangout with the Layne girls... and their mommy, Danielle, and I have figured out a way to get our "runs" in... We let the girls have a playdate and we take turns making up a course and running around the 'hood. This day, the girls decided to play dress-up and kept modeling their outfits. Addison is starting to finally like girlie things. She's started playing dress-up, playing with baby dolls, and barbies. I never thought this day would come.:)

This is a picture of the kids celebrating. Chris and Caroline got off the bus and we told them we were taking them all to the park. You would have thought we gave them a million dollars- or that we never take them anywhere! They were screaming, hugging, and going crazy- and for a split second, we were heroes.:)