Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Pearson Four

After Chris's baseball game, Todd and Sarah stopped by to watch the second half of the Hokie game (Goooo Hokies!). As usual, their visit turned into an all day long affair because the kids (and adults) have so much fun together. We played outside, inside, at a park, and then ended the night with smores at Nona and Papa's!!! It was my kind of day!:)

Mageroo wanted a climbing picture- Here ya go, buddy.:)

Please ignore me trying to throw gang signs. I couldn't help myself. Brendan and I played Todd and Chris in two-hand touch football. I was so proud of myself. I totally Michael Vick-esqued Todd- faking him out and ran for a touchdown. It was awesome.:) He will have you know that he returned a kickoff for a touchdown on the previous play- but it was nothing like my move.:)