Monday, October 4, 2010

On the go...

We have been keeping super busy here in the McCullers household! Addie is loving school, playdates just for her, and extra mommy time. She already says she has two boyfriends at school- Gavin Potter and Cohen. I have a feeling I'm going to be in big trouble one day!!! She went for her first slumber party with her B-F-F, Molly, for Molly's birthday. She had a great time, but Mommy had to pick her up around 10pm because she wanted to go home. I must confess, I was happy.:)

Chris is keeping us all entertained and is growing up faster than ever. He LOVES school and is doing great. He started staying after school on Mondays for a special class, "Clay Creations", and thinks he's hot stuff. He's so proud of all the things he is learning and has recently loved taking mommy to the basement to teach her "lightsabre training." Oh, the joys.:) We stopped by Maw and Paw's last week (ummmmm, can we say best food EVER!?!) and he loved trying on Matt's fireman gear. He's still talking about it!