Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friday Night Lights

O.k... a boring post without pictures, but I had to document that Chris had his first baseball game under the lights! Both Chris and Addie were sooooo excited and were yelling, "Friday Night Lights" all day long. He played great, and Addie had so much fun with the girls she's met this season!

Other updates... Chris is learning soooo much at school- It amazes me every day! He is doing great and seems to love it! He is still obessing over Ho-bo's and we don't know why- totally random! Chris makes friends so easily and he's been busy trying to plan his birthday party. He asked if he could take friends to Disney World, and then he said his dream party would be to have friends over and let them all give Uncle E an atomic wedgie. What!?! Where does he get this stuff? I hate to say it, but I think he's going to be dissappointed because I don't see either of those parties happening. We went to Yo's house for Nicole's sixteenth birthday party and he got to play with his cousin Caleb. I wish we saw them more because they were two peas in a pod!

Addie is as sweet as ever. She thinks she's going on eight years old and proudly invites third graders over to her house to play with her- and they happily come! She tells fibs a lot- but they are sweet... Like if Chris says what he did at school, she comes up with a huge story about what she did and she didn't even go that day. She makes us come up with homework for her every day while Chris is working on his. She now colors perfectly in the lines, but we can't get her to write her "A" right- She does it upside down 100% of the time... Any advice? At night, when she had to name three things she's thankful for, she said, "Fish, Noses, and Fans." I don't know where she gets these things....

We continue to enjoy playdates and staying busy!!! And the newest highlight to our nights is that the kids love "skypeing" with Gram and Pop Pop before bedtime. They think it's the coolest thing ever!