Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mom of the Year Award

Well, it looks like I'm officially out of the running for the mom of the year award:( My kids are my life, so I thought I might have a chance, but the past few days ruined it! Let's see... where should I start...

First, I was getting ready for my adventure by myself... flying with two carseats, a double stroller, two bags, a carry-on... not to mention two children. We were loading onto the big shuttle bus... I gave my things to the driver and started getting situated, getting Addie and Chris strapped in- when the driver called me back because he couldn't figure out how to collapse the stroller- Not thinking I just ran around back to do it myself, knowing it would take just a couple seconds... Then, to my surprise I hear the loudest horn EVER... and people looking out of the hotel in horror... I run around front... and there she is... Addison right in the driver's seat of the huge bus trying to drive the steering wheel and laying on the horn!

Then... we went the the character dining experience at the Magic Kingdom- It was sooo worth the money because the kids got to meet all the Pooh characters~ and Addison sleeps with Pooh every night so they were super excited. Well, Chris participated in the celebration- where all the kids get behind the characters and parade around the large restuaraunt... He had so much fun- until the end when he couldn't find us- We saw him and Brendan went running over to get him- but the look on his face was pure terror- I felt so bad for him! Later that night- I was talking to Chris about it...

Mommy- Chris- you looked so scared when you didn't see us after the marching song- what were you thinking honey?
Chris- I not gonna tell you, because I'm gonna be in trouble.
Mommy- It's o.k. sweetie- mommy and daddy want to know...
Chris- I was thinking... "Oh shit."

I couldn't help but laugh... but I really do need to watch my mouth around him!!!

Oh, the incidents don't end there... After the plane ride, my parents took the kids so I could go to the grocery store by myself (yes, wonderful). When I got back to their house to pick the kids up, we were all upstairs... and I saw Addison had something in her mouth... It was a pill... and not one for children... my dad's blood pressure pill! I got it right away, so she didn't get much... and everything ended up being fine... But needless to say, I had my first call to poison control!