Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Killing time with Nona Stewart

I'm always looking for ways to wear my kids out- I'm not one to sit in front of the t.v. and with the winter weather it's harder and harder to stay active. If I don't feel like hitting the pool, or coming up with an activity, I usually head over to my parent's house... I know they just love it when we show up on their doorstep:) Tonight, we dropped by their house, and the kids had so much fun. They had a cooking session with Nona... She likes to refer to herself as Martha Stewart- and I think in her own little world, that's her alter-ego. She is pretty good at decorating and finding creative ways to make a home beautiful, but when it comes to cooking... well, let's just say it's not her forte... She decided to make homemade cookies with the kids- It was quite the experience... Let's see~ Chris added just a little too much salt, we couldn't find the rubber spatula because Chris was hiding it in his pants (and Nona proceeded to use it once it was found), Nona's recipe called for amaretto liquor and Nona told Chris that it adds a "kick" to the cookies (just what he needed to hear), we burnt the first batch, and I went off my diet big time with the temptation of raw cookie dough:( But, the kids had a blast- they thought their cookies were delish, and I even got a little sentimental when they were sitting there licking the beaters just like my nanny used to let us do.