Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 2008

Where should I begin... Let's just say we had a wonderful Christmas at the McCuller's household... but we're looking forward to getting back to a normal routine. It seem s like we've been on the go for the last few weeks~ and I regret to inform you that I don't even have Christmas pictures to post:(~ I left my camera at my parent's house and still haven't picked it up (eventhough we were there hanging out last night~ remind me to add it to my "to do" list.) Let's see if I can fill you in on some of our highlights:)
  • We started Christmas off by celebrating at Nona and Papa's house... with carryout Chinese and presents:) We managed to wreck my parent's house in less than an hour~ But all of the grandkids had a blast, and so did we:)
  • Then we headed over to Nanny and Pappy's where the real chaos began- Picture about 30 people opening presents all at once:) It's my favorite time of the year... we have traditions that will never be broken- Like having all the grandkids and great grandkids line up by age and parading into the family room- and yes, it includes me... and my cousins that are older than me.
  • We came home to put the kids in bed- and Chris remembered to put out the cookies and reindeer food for Ho-Ho--- which were burnt- Yes, Mommy managed to burn the break apart cookies- oops:) Brendan and I had fun putting way too many toys together and playing Santa. We realized, that yet again, we went overboard... next year I'm cutting back.. but I say that every year. Mommy a.k.a. Santa wrote the yearly note to each kid, and cried like a baby as usual. I get way too emotional.
  • The kids woke up, Nona and Papa came over, and we watched them open Santa presents... so sweet:)
  • We headed to Smith Mountain Lake for a few days to celebrate with the McCullers... We had the best food in the world, got lots of neat things, and enjoyed their company~ It's hard not to when you feel like you're at a vacation home:)
  • We came home to turn back around and venture back to Richmond to spend New Year's Eve with Jon, Stacie, and baby Jonathan- who is the cutest little boy ever:) The kid's were really good and we watched the Hokies win the Orange Bowl- wooooo hoooo:)
  • We are finally back home and taking down the Christmas decorations... and Chris has already started his countdown to next year:)