Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You Laugh...

You guys laugh... or just think my b-f-f and I are plain crazy with what we spend on our children's clothes. Well, Ashley and I have had a little business on-line. Ya see, we buy clothes, let our children wear them, and then sell them on e-bay. We have over 112 positive feedbacks within the last year and many are for sales that had tons of outfits in it... and we've had way more sales that that. Sure, we drop a lot on shopping, but you can't beat this:

Buy a few outfits from a company that sells well..., have your daughter wear them for an entire winter, list them as a buy it now on e-bay, and within ten minutes have this one auction sell... for $229.99 plus money for shipping. Ching, Ching. I priced it way too low and could have gotten more if I did them individually, but I only have to make one package up for this to go to one person... Not bad for a nights work? :)