Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day Tea

I woke up, showered, and even looked presentable. I showed up to the special Mother's Day Tea and beamed with pride. Addie performed so cute- She knew every song and let's just say she had the lead. She sang louder than anyone and really stood out. Ha! I was the "good" mom that remembered my camera and even for a splitting second felt like I was that mom who had it all together. Probably because I had attended this same exact tea two years ago with Chris, so I knew what was going to happen.

And then, I turned on my camera and saw the words, "NO CARD." FAIL. Oops- I can't have it all together. No memory card-ugh!!!

It's o.k. though- Addie and I had a fabulous day and made sure to drink in true Nona style with our pinkies in the air.:)

In other news, we've been making great strides. At the ripe age of 6 1/2 Chris has started wiping his own butt- just this week for the first time ever. Woo Hoo! Maybe now he can take a crap at school. Addie can go down a fireman's pole and ride a razor scooter like an 8-year old. The time is going by way too fast!