Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby Shower!!!

Seeing my cousin Laurenie pregnant blows me away and makes me feel old- but I am sooooo happy for her and Kevin. They are going to make great parents and might have the most spoiled and loved little baby boy in the entire world! She had her baby shower and it was seriously the most beautiful baby shower in the entire world. And fun! Usually they drag out and you are ready to go, but this shower was actually super fun. The gals that threw it did the most amazing job and didn't leave anything out...

Big props and a huge thank you to Eddie who delivered me a memory card for my camera- because for the second time this month I showed up to something I really wanted pictures of. Shout out...!!!! And pardon all the pictures... but let's be honest, Ashley wanted to see all the things I was talking about and for anyone that wants to give me a shower for my third baby- I love everything I'm posting... Just sayin.' Ha! And no... For the record, I'm not pregnant. I was however asked when my baby is due today... that might be a sign to get on that diet. But... I think we will be trying. The hubby randomly told me he wants to change the insurance plan to have a third. Hmmmm... away from us for a few weeks and he wants a baby. :) Anyways... back to the shower...

Amazing flowers!!!!

The food was downright amazing. There was this steak that I'm pretty sure I ate a steak-n-cheese worth of... and it all went down hill when I started in on the spinach dip...

And my favorite thing- the most perfect cake pops ever. They were beautiful. Sorry Rebecca- I say screw nursing school and go into business. Amazing!

The preggo girls... so cute and I'm so happy for them!!! Love them all.:)

And sweet Addie joining in.:)

Gifts, gifts, and more gifts! Cha- Ching. Lauren was hooked up. And she was absolutely glowing. I really think this is the prettiest I have ever seen Lauren in her life. She makes jokes all the time about how she's going to be a horrible mother... but she was so sweet with Addison today... So patient and let Addie help with every gift. It's starting already... I can tell she's going to make a wonderful mommy. And thank you Lauren- Addie had such a good time... and it made me teary... You let her be your flower girl and help you as you become a mama. Thanks for thinking so much of my kids.:) Love you. XOXO

Um dare I say it- look how sophisticated this looks... and it's my family... I think this belongs in like a rich magazine or something.:)