Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yea, Mon.

Well, we made it back from our trip, and have almost recovered:) We had a great time- good drinks, food (I wish I could say it was good... although I did manage to gain six pounds), good friends, and good times were had by all! It was so nice to relax, get dressed up, and hang out with our closest friends without any worries! We stayed at a Sandals resort- which we've heard great things about- but will have to say that none of us were too impressed- but that didn't stop us from having fun:) I think we got our money's worth just from our drinks:) I've never been to Jamaica, and I learned many things:) Our resort was two hours from the airport, so we had to take a bus... and we got to see the "real" Jamaica- Wow- I definately have lived a sheltered life, and it really was shocking to see the way some people live... from now on, I definately want to see more of the world... The people of Jamaica are so awesome- I think we all need to take some of their way of life with us- they are soooo laid back. For example- I saw a sign by the pool that said no food or drinks on the pool deck... Now in America, if I had food and drinks on the pool deck, I'm sure I would get yelled at... In Jamaica, I asked the worker if it would be o.k. to eat by the pool- and he said "Sure- rules are made to be broken- so we even proceeded to eat on our chair IN the pool:) The ya-ya's enjoyed relaxing by the pool and the yo-yo's definately enjoyed themselves... I promise to have more pictures within a few days- I was bad about carrying my camera around... Some of he highlights... the guys went on a zip wire through a Jamaican rain forest and rode Jamaican bobsleds, we, girls, lounged by the pool and I actually read a book!, we relaxed in a private cabana, sat in the hot tub in the pouring rain for over an hour, did waterslides, played volleyball- we were quite the scene:), visited several bars, had 5 course meals, ate on the beach, and most of all just enjoyed the wonderful company of our best friends... I'm looking forward to our next trip- and if the boys get their way, we'll be on an Alaskan cruise... fun fun...

I'm happy to report that the kids were happy to see me when I got home and that was one of the best parts of the trip:)

Mommy- I missed you sooooo much Chris.
Chris- Me, too.
Mommy- I love you sooooo much.
Chris- I love you morer.
Mommy- I love you with all my heart.
Chris- I love you more. I love you 40. I love you 40 miles per hour.