Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

Do you remember how I said that kids pick up on everything??? Well, let me set this story up. This is a poster that my mom gave Brendan one Christmas as a joke. He has his office that I let him do anything to... well, not anything, but it's "his room" in the house, and to get to me, he hung the poster up on the back of his door- we never really talk about it, it's just there.

Well, Gram gave Chris and Addie stickers- and Chris decorated his locker with them. He used Addie's sticker, too.- Don't ya love the Surf Princess.

Mommy~ Oh, Chris why did you use Addie's sticker. It says Surf Princess, are you a girl (making fun of him).
Chris~ No mom, I just did it for fun. You know- like how Dad has that pretty girl on a poster on his door- just for fun.

I'm sooo gonna have my hands full:)