Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i HATE winter!

I really, really do. I LOVE spring, summer, and fall, when we can get out and play! I am trying to find new activities for the kids so we're not bored... but sometimes, they don't turn out like I plan:) Today we made home-made pizzas... using Christmas tree and snowman cookie cutters- Can you tell I'm not a baker- that's all I have?:) It was a great idea at the beginning until Mommy thought it would be so much fun to spread flour on the table... WHAT A MESS!!! My entire kitchen was covered in flour... and to my disappointment, the fun lasted all of ten minutes... and took about thirty to clean up. Oh well, it was worth a try:)

Oh, and do you like Addison's modeling? Thanks Boat-Boat for teaching her oh so pretty poses:)

At least the kids have kept me entertained today... When I was getting Chris dressed today, he made me stop and pointed to his breast... and kept saying, "Mommy, look at my nibble, look at my nibble." And Addie's new thing is when she passes gas, she holds her bottom, looks up and shyly says, "I tooted." It's so girly and precious... Nothing like bodily part and function humor to make the day go by faster... I better run- we're off to Open Gym at Douglas Community Center... Can you tell it's one of those days I'm trying everything to wear them out so I have an easy night?:)