Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

O.K... so it may not have been the most romantic Valentine's Day, but I wouldn't have changed it for the world:) Uncle Todd (he is no longer Rich Uncle Dave like Chris called him the first three years of his life- I think Chris realized he's Todd to everyone else, and he's not as rich as he thinks he is j/k) pulled through and gave us free tickets to the Maryland vs. Virginia Tech basketball game plus a parking pass... being the Tech fans we are, we snacthed them right up and ventured to College Park to watch our Hokies. Too bad they didn't pull off a win. It was fun though, and the kids loved seeing the game- But it's funny how things change when you have kids... We were on the second level, but in row one- so there was extra foot room, and they were awesome seats- except for the fact that there was a glass wall in front of us, and I was overly paranoid about our kids going over the wall or breaking it... Luckily there were no accidents and we had a great time... We then went to Five Guys for Burgers and took them to Chuck and Jackie's house to eat- I'm such a cheap date now:) I think the best part of the night was seeing Chris and Addie walk through the Comcast Center holding hands and loving it- they were each other's true Valentines...
Oh, Brendan and I did exchange gifts... He came through with tickets for me to the New Kids On The Block concert... and I got him (with his hard-earned money) a ticket to the Nascar Race in Richmond- we're oh so classy- nothin' like high-class white trash:)... How's that for romance?