Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jamaican Me Crazy...

The Ya-Ya's at our 10 year High School Reunion... I see a pattern here- Jen is pregnant again for this go around:)

Sorry for the shortage of blogs, but it's been a long weekend... Brendan has been hard at work in L.A.... or should I say in Los Angeles, playing lots of tennis, enjoying nice meals, and sitting in the audience of The Tonight Show~ which he reported was really cool- and there was this really good rapper- Acorn... ha ha- he meant Akon- that's my hubby for ya:) While he's been MIA, Addison was really sick~ I took her to the doctor on Friday for what I thought was a cold, but I wanted to make sure- She seemed to be getting sicker... Yep, she had an ear infection, and her oxygen levels were really low, so we had to rent a nebulizer and do breathing treatments every few hours... return Saturday, and then again on Monday... But I'm so lucky to say, on Monday, they deemed her healthy:) It has been a long week though, being stuck in the house. Luckily, Chris has been a sweetheart, and my parents helped a LOT... taking Chris out to Chuck-e-Cheese, watching the kids while I had a ladies luncheon on Sunday, and fixing us dinner last night- Thanks Nona and Papa:)

It's a good thing Addie is better... because Mommy and Daddy are about to get away for a little R&R:) Woooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo!!!! Can you tell how excited I am? I really think I have the best friends in the world... There are 5 of us girls that like to call ourselves the "Ya-Ya's"... ever since we had our initiation ceremony over ten years ago in a dark hotel room with candles crowning ourselves with special names... I'm Princess Butterfly Daisy of O'Ryan... you think I'm kidding, but I'm not:) We make a point to see each other eventhough we live all over- 2 of us are in Leesburg, one in Dallas, one in Charleston, S.C., and one is in Hoover, Alabama. Usually we do girl trips, but sometimes, we let the guys tag along- they like to call themselves the "Yo-Yo's:)" Sometimes we even do mother-daughter trips- even our mom's are best friends:) Gram is headed to Northern Virginia tomorrow to take over our house and watch the kids, and we're leaving Friday to visit the Sandals Resort in Ochos Rios, Jamaica... something tells me this resort will never be the same:) I promise lots of pictures and stories when I return:)

And to my girls- I can't wait for this trip- and thanks for always being there for me- You truly are the best friends a girl could ask for:) Ya-Ya's for life!!!