Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekend Rundown...

Can you tell I've been busy- it's not like me to not update for a few days:) Let's see, what did you guys miss...
  • I worked a lot~ and Brendan was in charge of the kiddos.
  • I came home after an overnight to find Chris sleeping on our floor with a trashcan beside him- He had puked to the point of dryheaving and was not feeling well. Poor thing- but I was actually glad I had stayed up all night with my boys Ben and Rowan... Mommy and puke don't mix well.
  • Brendan and I went out Saturday night with two of our neighbors- We had a lovely time until we got called at 11:30 and were told we needed to come home- Addie had not cooperated with Nona and Papa and was still awake. I kind of felt like I had a curfew. I love coming home tipsy to a little girl that wants to "color" until two in the morning.
  • Addie finally got to take a class of her own- We visited "My gym" and she LOVED it... We ended up signing her up for "nastics" through Parks and Rec- and we start next Wednesday- It's so fun doing things with her.
  • We had a playdate... note to self- HIDE all harmonicas, recorders, and music instruments before the next playdate to keep my sanity.
  • Mommy took the kids to see "Flumpa LIVE" at Ida Lee. I was so excited... but it was one of those outings that blew up in my face- Chris didn't cooperate, Addie wanted to sit on my lap (where Chris was sitting) so she hit Chris. I totally looked like the mom that has no control over her children, and we ended up leaving early. It was fabulous. Oh, and I drove through McDonald's to make myself feel better. And I missed my Weight Watchers meeting.
  • Chris and I had dental appointments, and neither of us had cavities.. Yippee- I think this is the first time in like 23 years that I didn't need work on my teeth! I just said like. I remember trying to talk like a Valley girl growing up. It was like fun, like. I'm dating myself... I can't believe I'm going to be 31 in a few weeks. I think I'm just going to celbrate the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday:)
  • We had another set of neighbors over for dinner and had a great night. I tried to make "lava cakes" for dessert (can you tell I'm great at following Weight Watchers)- and failed miserably~ but dinner was good. They brought their 2 month old baby and after they left, Brendan talked about how she was so cute... I'm soooo getting that third child:)