Monday, December 8, 2008

Every day is a blessing

Having kids has been such a lifechanging experience~ Staying at home can be challenging, but just when I'm at my wit's end, my kids never cease to amaze me. Of course, I'm like every other mommy and think that my kids are the cutest, coolest, and sweetest things on earth... and every day, they do things to crack me up- that's one reason I love this blog- I forget so many things- the little stories that are sweet... so I hope to share some of them with you... and have them blogged so I can look back and remember, too:)

Addison~ My little table dancer- should I be worried? I ran upstairs to grab some laundry- When I left, Addie and Chris were sharing a super pretzel (one of Chris's favorites) at the kitchen table... When I came back downstairs- she was dancing on the table... at least it's now and not when she's a teenager! For those of you that don't know- Addison can talk like a 3 year old... and she's just now 18 months. She also acts like a 3 year old... This weekend, I was busy fixing food for our Tech football game get together (how about them hokies!?)... and she was at the table with her Daddy. Addie LOVES to be with me- nonstop- she likes to be carried around and attached to my hip. Since I was by the hot stove, I wasn't carrying her... And she kept saying, "Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy... " Brendan looked at her and said, "Addie- how many times are you gonna say mommy." She looked right at him, rolled her eyes, and said, "Shelley, shelley, shelley, shelley, shelley." Priceless:)

Christopher~ Chris can be the sweetest little boy ever... he has his moments, but then there are times of pure innocence where you just can't get enough of him. Chris and I usually take an afternoon nap together while Addie is down for the count. We were laying down cuddling and I said to him, "Chris, I love you so much I could cry." He really didn't get it, so I had to go into the whole explanation about how sometimes you cry when you are happy. I told him how when he was born, I was so happy I cried. He then wanted to know what happened to him when he was born. I told him how he came out of mommy, the nurses cleaned him off, and then mommy held him and was sooo happy. He wanted to know why the nurses cleaned him off, and I told him that babies are yucky when they first come out of mommy's- and he looked so confused. He looked at me and said, "but what about my toy- my toy was clean." At this point, I was also confused- and he said, "You know- the toy Addie brought me, the airplane, it was clean." Hilarious~ we had bought a toy for him when Addie was born and told him that Addie brought it to him. Soooo... he thought it really came from my belly and just didn't get why it wasn't dirty.