Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas lights in Winchester

Isn't she cute?:) Saturday night, we ventured "over the mountain" for a fun-filled night. We started by driving all the way back to Charles Town, West VA to visit our favorite ice cream place in the whole world- Cone Zone. It's a little "hut" that sells the best ice cream- and wouldn't ya know even though it was supposed to be OPEN, there was a sign that said, "We'll be back at 5:30." We were supposed to be in Winchester by 6:00, so we couldn't wait. I can't tell you how much I was craving me some Cone Zone... who just steps out when they are supposed to be open... Only in West VA... it just made me sooo frustrated and glad we moved... but I still want some Cone Zone:) We then made our way to Winchester for a Festival of Lights. It's this park that's filled with Christmas lights. You get to walk through it, and also sit on Santa's lap in a log cabin... cheap and a great night out- I highly reccomend it. We met up with the Fletcher family, Brad and Jenny, and Jack and Jill (Jenny's sister) and their kids Katie and Nathan. Katie is the love of Chris's life, so he was so excited:) It was freezing, but we all had a great time- even Brendan and Richard who were both missing the Cowboys game- way to take one for the team guys- too bad they didn't win- haha:)

Do you notice how Chris has a red nose on- He was infatuated with Brad's get-up. He thought Brad was the coolest thing ever- oh and Brad wore this earlier in the morning when he ran a 5K- And Brad, if you're reading this, I've been meaning to ask you- why did you run a 5K- isn't that a walk in the park for you? Brad runs marathons, and yes, I'm writing that to brag... I'd love to run a half-marathon... but a 10K is a challenge for me, so the fact that I have a cousin that regularly runs marathons is quite impressive to me:)

While we were there, Brad pointed out a train in the park that was covered in Christmas lights and said he proposed to Jenny on the train- I had no idea! So, of course, I had to pull out my camera and take some pics- gotta love two people truly in love:) Awwww, gay:)