Friday, December 30, 2011

Movie with my Besties:)

I LOVE gift cards! The past few years we exchange gift cards at my grandparents house and we all have differing opinions about whether or not we like "gift card" Christmases... Well, just so ya know, gift cards are my favorite kinds of presents.:) Thanks to our good friends, Jessy and Danielle, the kids and I had a great night going to the movies... Because ya see without a gift card, I NEVER take my kids to the expensive movies... Yes, we may go to the free movies during the summer... but even there, they NEVER get to get stuff from the overpriced snack bar. But thanks to a surprise gift card, we not only got to see a current flick, but they also got to pick out candy. I LOVE splurging and doing things you normally don't do... so I LOVE gift cards. Have I mentioned I love gift cards? HA!

After a morning full of a LONG playdate, we went to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. Both kids really sit through and enjoy a movie now, so it's nice to be able to go. I was so proud of myself doing all this without Brendan on a crowded Friday night. I thought I had it all together until I noticed that we were looking for a seat and the movie on the screen wasn't a "kids" movie. I then noticed that all the adults in the theatre also had on 3-D glasses. Oops... we had moseyed on up the stairs to find the perfect seat in the wrong theatre. Ha!

After our tiny mishap, we all enjoyed the movie... and it was an easy night. We went to Blue Ridge Grill to grab a salad and a chicken kid's meal for carryout and it was there that Chris threw a huge fit because he didn't want to wait for the food. I mean an all-out fit. Luckily, I kept my cool... and just realized that Chris is my very own little Alvin- He's always a handful... but most of the time he means well. :)