Wednesday, December 28, 2011

McCullers Family Christmas

After a few busy weeks, we were lucky to be able to have a Christmas spending time with those that we love. We asked Gram and Pop Pop to travel this year instead of us making the haul to the lake... It was nice not to have to spend the holidays in the car, but the main reason is because we had arranged for Sean to come celebrate with us. It was so nice to have us all together.
The kids had a grand Christmas- Addie finally getting her own roller blades and Chris was surprised more than ever with his own BB gun!!! He had a blast shooting targets in the back yard and could NOT believe he got a gun... We did send it back to the lake so it's locked safely in a gun cabinet for use on our trips to the lake.
We made a trip to see the Bull Run Christmas lights and then spent time looking at lights in Ashburn and of course made our yearly trip to Juniper Street in Sterling.
I actually cooked Christmas dinner without burning the house down... and after going through all the trouble, I realize that spending a few hours in the car is not troublesome at all compared to what all Joanie goes through every.time.we.visit... Entertaining is work... It was fun doing it once... but we'll see how things play out next year.:)