Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Attempt #2

We attempted to try Christmas pictures one more time for my parent's Christmas card. Since it was on a whim and we didn't even have intentions of taking them this day, the kids were all in play clothes and jammies... Being the brilliant people that we are, we thought we'd tie our "bundle of joy" up in a package. Yep, that quilt was supposed to be wrapping paper and the rope was not to tie them up for how they were acting, although that might have been a good idea- Ha! Needless to say, may parents don't have a Christmas card out yet either....

Um, no.



This one has potential... if it didn't look like they were bound by a rope.

And we definitely didn't pick this one. Ha!

And when Mage wanted me to take a picture of a dead turkey and all the other kids then turned into animals- we gave up! LOL.