Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Though we missed Nanny more than anything, I know she would be happy that we spent Christmas Eve like we always do- and how I hope we always will. Christmas Eve just wouldn't be Christmas Eve without my family- I've done this for 32 out of my 33 (one year we lived in Mass-a-freaking-chussetts and were too poor to take off work or to travel- ha!) years and I'm thankful that I have in-laws that understand how important and special this day of the year is for me.

While the night was sad without Nanny, we still celebrated and the kids had a great time. Nanny would have loved to see Baby Callan as Santa (the same suit that Averey, Chris, and Mage, and Jack have all worn as babies), she would have smiled at Eleni in her darling tu-tu- even if it was UVA, and she would have beamed at us still lineing up from youngest to oldest- Yes, even my cousin Brian who is 40 has to line up since he's a grandchild.:) And I realized more than ever how lucky I was to have a grandmother that raised us as one BIG, way too close and backwards for some, family.:)