Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here comes the... flower girl!!!

Funny story... So, we are all sooooo excited for J.D. and Rebecca to get married. I have always loved Rebecca and she's always been really close to my kids... I knew that she had already asked the girls in her wedding party- and one night at the beach we were going over wedding stuff- and she even had a file titled "flower girl" that she never opened in front of us. I almost even said to Brendan, "It must be someone on her side that is the flower girl- but I always thought she and Addie had a special bond!" Ha! Then, later in the week, J.D. and Butt Butt as we call her called Addie up to the kitchen and had a whole little ceremony asking her to be their flower girl. It was soooo sweet- Read the book below! They also made sure not to leave Chris out (so sweet). We are so excited and honored that Jackie's kids think so much of our kids... And of course I cried.:) Addie is super excited and keeps saying, "And this time, no throwing up!"... She was also Lauren's flower girl- she made it down the aisle- but five minutes after the ceremony, She puked purple throw-up all over her dress and had to go home- poor girl- She still remembers it! Fingers crossed- she is happy and healthy next June 30th!!!