Wednesday, July 20, 2011

City Life

We made a trip down to see Todd and Sarah's new place this week and it was a whole different world! The kids loved it and now think Mage and Jack have the best house ever. It would be nice to have doors opened and to be catered to- Ha! They moved to the Kennedy Warren and it was amazing. It's less than a half a block from the zoo- so Brendan and I decided to take all four kids to the zoo!!!!

Can you tell that it is four princes and a princess- Addie is a little spoiled.:)

We enjoyed the zoo and then had frozen yogurt... and then played city games. No- we weren't in a hotel- that is a cart Todd can use for groceries, etc... The kids made up a game, "I'm a suitcase."

And here a a few pictures of their place- Sarah is nine months preggo and this is 2 days after the movers dropped their stuff off. All of their artwork, etc. is still at their old house- but doesn't it look amazing already!!!! Not fair!!!

It was a fun day- and we had an even easier night... Lights out!:)