Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Addie continues to be my little tag-along... and I'm going to miss her next year. We shop together, we dine together, we flit, and just have fun hanging out. She's so easygoing... eventhough she has started hitting her brother this week... ADDIE TAY!!! We were finally ladies who lunch this week with the Solomons, my mom, and Jackie- and She LOVES Baby Callan!!! He's so good and Addie thinks she's the best babysitter in the world. Not a day goes by when she doesn't have me be the "judger" and judge her cartwheels a hundred times a day.

Today, she broke my heart- She came home from school upset. Brady had told her that he won't sit by her tomorrow at Lunch Bunch. She was devastated. Luckily, after a date to Wegman's with her mama, she was back to normal... saying "I'm going to marry Brady." Oh, Add!