Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday Topher!!!

Wow... Once again, I've missed so much! We are just so busy. Football has officially ended, but we've started up Snow Swimming- 3 times a week at Claude Moore... But, it's worth it- Chris loves swimming- now more than ever. His practices are an entire hour long and he worked so hard at his first practice- I thought for sure he'd tire out- I asked why he was working so hard, and he had it right on the money, "Mom, I have to swim with 7 and 8 year olds now- so I have to work hard to make all-stars." Awwww...

That's right, my little boy turned seven- I can't believe it- where has the time gone!!! He is growing up to be such a sweet and kind young man- and makes us so proud. Yes, he's still a handful and ALL BOY, but he really is loving. We had his teacher conference, and I'm so proud to report that his teacher said he is ahead of the class academically and then she said, "Chris really is the absolute kindest student I've had in years- I just love having him in class." Oh, thank you Lord.:)

It's so funny seeing Chris grow up before our very eyes. He's so wild, but at the same time, he's a rule-follower- and quite the tattle-teller. I hear all the stories- like how a little girl kissed someone on the bus, and how a boy called a girl in his class a math-not-knower. Chris was so appalled- I think a math-not-knower is the worst cutdown possible.:)

Chris has also been told, No, he is not allowed to sing Avril Lavigne's song "wish you were here"- because Damn, Damn, Damn is NOT allowed... nor is he allowed to say Oh, Gammit or What the Buck. He's been warned, and I hope we never hear that potty mouth again... Boys!

We celebrated Chris's birthday by what we thought was the best kept surprise ever- dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse- that is until we pulled into the parking lot and he got so excited because he thought we were going to Subway and asked if he could really get a footlong!!! We probably could have saved $100, but the Hibachi ended up being really great. We also got Chris a game and a trampoline... which has made afternoons soooo easy at Casa de McCullers. I think we've used the tramp every day- and it's been so nice having afternoon playdates... especially when I get to sit and socialize with my friends, too!!!