Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Growing Up!

Where have my babies gone!?! The kids are growing up right before my very eyes...

Doesn't Chris look soooo big in this picture. He wore a new sweatshirt and he loved it because he said he looks like Averey- his idol. His new teacher also told him she liked it and now he wants to wear it again tomorrow... I sensed a little crush! I think it will be only a week or so before he loses his big front tooth! It's soooo loose... I'm going to cry. This week, he actually went to the end of the street and played tackle football with the boys- some of which are middle schoolers. He loved it- and now wants to do it every day. Why do I sense a broken arm some time soon? Chris is so grown up, but he still is a six year old. He wanted to watch Barney in the car today, and he was belting out "Old McDonald"... I busted out laughing seeing this huge boy signing to Barney, and he looked at me and say, "What? Old McDonald is a good song." Ha!

Addie is just as sweet as ever... We felt awful because she woke up and asked if she had swimming and we had to say no- We didn't sign her up for this session of swim lessons. That day, Brendan got her ready and took her to the pool at our gym and had a Daddy/daughter lesson- she was so excited... I find it kind of funny that Brendan called today and signed her up for the next session! Ha! We got Addie's "report card" and had to laugh... Our sweet Addison "has to be encouraged to clean up, sometimes moves ahead of the class on projects, and is sometimes fidgety in circle time and yells out answers." She is such an angel... that I feel like an awful mom when I get a kick out of seeing that she can be like that. I'm so used to dealing with Chris! Addie is very excited that her hair touches her shoulders and will not let us get it cut. She still is a baby though- She will NOT walk- She likes to be on my hip and carried everywhere... but I'll take it- they won't be like this for long.:)