Friday, July 6, 2012

Sweet Summertime

We are loving the summer.  We are keeping busy- literally every minute of the day.  My kids are my life- and I have always been an on-the-go person....and I think it might be catching up with me.  While we're having a ton of fun, once the kids are finally down for the count, this mama is TIRED... and so the blog has suffered.  Like take the past two days for example...

Yesterday- Woke up, swim team at 8:45-9:30, got showers and headed to Cobb Theatre to see Kitt Kittredge at the free movies, lunch date at Wegman's- the kids love eating upstairs and watching cartoons, ran errands/grocery shopped, Wal-Mart trip, visited Nanny and Pappy's grave, post office and other errands, drove to three redboxes to try to find the new Spiderman x-box game, got home, unloaded groceries, Chris played his game for 30 minutes and Addie had a playdate with Sienna, drove to Addie's 1 hour and 15 minute gymnastics class (She moved up to "Little Gems" and I was so impressed- good-bye obstacle courses, hellooooo real gymnastics).  Came home, had three neighbors over for a playdate/dinner, then played outside with the neighborhood kids- we took turns turning on our sprinkler systems and let the kids get drenched, and then ended the night with a firework show...


Today- Woke up, swim team, errands- got gas, visited Nona and Papa and had lunch at their house, came home so Mommy could do a workout video, packed an afternoon of halfway decent food- grapes, yogurts, bottled waters, etc., picked up Chris's friend, went to Algonkian Park for 4 hours to play at the water park and ran into some more friends, drove to Little Cesar's and got a pizza and drinks (so much for healthy food, I only packed so much and felt bad taking Chris's friend home at 7:30 without dinner!), took pizza to Douglas Park and played for an hour, dropped friend off, came home to water plants and play telephone in the driveway with the neighbors, baths and B-E-D.

That made me tired just typing that. 

So, forgive me if I catch up on the last month in the next few days with just some pictures of things we have done... and not many words... I'll try my hardest to keep up better with the slog. 

I think tomorrow we need to CHILLAX and have some quiet time! Ha!  But as they say- these are the days to hold onto, they will not last forever... and I'm loving it and so thankful to spend my days with my children!