Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July Summer Camp!!!

Just like Chris did last year, Addie attended the McGruff Safety Camp this summer... I was so proud of her- She didn't no anyone going into camp and went in all by herself- I'm not even sure I would have done that- As it turns out, she happened to know a couple kids once she got there and made some new friends.  After the first day, she didn't want to go- She came home, fell fast asleep, woke up crying, and said the "boy with the curly hair got a really mean look on his face and punched her in the heart" and then complained of chest pains.  Since Addie NEVER complains and is never sick (she felt warm), this resulted in spending the afternoon getting checked out at urgent care (ummm, nothing was wrong- HA!)... and then Addie said she might have fibbed.  Yep, no curly haired mean looking boys in her class.  She went on to enjoy the rest of the week!

Chris also went to the DST baseball camp this week- which was his first ever all day camp.  He came home every day covered in dirt from head to toe and loved every second of it!  Summer is going by way too fast!